About Us

Founded by two social entrepreneurs women, Vriya is a med-tech solutions company focused on improving the consistency, efficiency, and quality of healthcare delivery for under-served patients in underdeveloped communities. We believe healthcare should be simple, affordable, accessible, and uncomplicated. We provide individuals with disabilities (physical and mental) equal opportunity and access to quality and affordable healthcare as their able-bodied counterparts. We aim to revolutionize healthcare delivery by enabling real-time monitoring and interactions with patients without the physical need of bringing them into an ER or specialty care center. Therefore, creating a patient-centric value-based care system with early intervention capabilities for providers. Our suite of products for identification, monitoring, and information management enables our partners to execute it’s disability inclusion programs more efficiently. We empower people through the use of technology geared towards inclusion.

Our goal is to act as a central link and operating system of Nepalese healthcare delivery with components that are specifically catered for disabled individuals to bring together NGOs, INGOs, government, clinicians, pharmacists, patient-members, and relevant stakeholders into a single platform. Our products are compliant with Government of Nepal’s DHS-2, DHIS, and HMIS privacy and security protocols with end-to-end encrypted data. Our media partnerships and outreach campaigns enable us to scale nationally in a short time.

Our Team
Board of Directors
Suman Giri | Vriya Technolgoies | Manas Wagley
Suman Giri, PhD
Suman brings considerable experience as a technology leader in the healthcare technology industry in the United States. His core expertise is in scaling high performing technical teams to deliver client-oriented results. He is passionate about problem-solving at scale through intelligent use of data and design. At Vriya, Suman advises in matters of company operation to ensure that we create the most value for our customers and users. Suman holds a BS in Physics and Mathematics from Oberlin College and a Ph.D. in Advanced Infrastructure Systems from Carnegie Mellon University.
Sunil Pandey | Vriya Technolgoies | Manas Wagley
Sunil Pandey, PhD
Sunil brings business strategy experience from working with multiple fortune 500 technology companies and startups in Silicon Valley. As a corporate strategy professional, his main responsibility is to assess the performance of a business, identify specific problems or opportunities and develop plans to solve or take advantage of them. At Vriya, Sunil advises in matters of company strategy for consistent growth and to ensure that the work being done is aligned with the vision of the company. Sunil holds a BS in Physics from St. John’s University and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University.
Prabin Subedi | Vriya Technolgoies | Manas Wagley
Prabin Subedi, LLM
Prabin brings significant legal and policy expertise to Vriya. He advises the company on legal matters, specifically pertaining to IT law in Nepal. In addition to being a legal advisor to several prominent startups and established businesses, he is also the founding partner at Paramount Legal Advisory Services. Prabin holds an LL.M degree in Information Communication Technology Law from the University of Oslo, Norway and an LL.B degree from Kathmandu School of Law where he currently is a teaching faculty member.
Sagun Pant | Vriya Technolgoies | Manas Wagley
Sagun Pant, MD
Sagun spent most of his professional career as a medical doctor. Currently he holds a faculty position at Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu which is a premier teaching institution in Nepal. At Vriya, Sagun provides his domain expertise and strategy in key clinical and policy matters. He holds a MBBS from Kathmandu Medical College and an MD from the Institute of Medicine.
Executive Team
Manas Wagley | CEO - Vriya Technologies
Manas Wagley, MBA

Manas worked in the healthcare technology industry in the United States for 5 years before returning to Nepal to follow his passion. Manas also brings considerable experience in software build, delivery, IT management, and client engagement in Nepal through his 3-year stint a GrowByData. At Vriya, he is responsible for product strategy and delivery. He is passionate about using technology to make healthcare more accessible to patients. Manas holds an MBA and a BBA in Management Information Systems from the University of Central Arkansas.

Prativa Joshi, MBA


Shraddha Pokharel, MBA